(KG) Sierra Coffee 04-02-2012

The Barista-Academy is also active in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. We are proud to have contributed to the foundation of Sierra Coffee Roasters build by Alexandr Kichkin & Brad Brenneman. It was a pleasure training them!

Congratulations: Alexandr Kichkin, Nuria Kichkina, Bradley Brenneman, Amaliya Brenneman, Dmitry Sosedov, Ivan Turkovskiy, Yulia Lipovich, Chris Corin, Catherine Corin

(KZ) O!Cafe/Wordclass 27-12-2011

On request by Almira Seijaparova (Director at O!Cafe) we provided one of our first Professional Barista Trainings. A big group of enthiousiast with at that time a limited knowledge of coffee. Giving lessons within Worldclass Fitness Club was absolutely amazing. The clients loved it, they witnessed the entire 4 days of training and had the chance to test frequently. Thank you Almira!

Congratulations: Askar Kusainov, Bakytzhan Barlybekov,Chingiz Alimkhanov, Erzhan Irgaliev, Luciya Kasenova, Ilyas Demanov

(KZ) Brasserie Madlen 18-12-2011

Our first training in Shymkent Kazakhstan. Thank you for the warm welcome and the opportunity to improve the coffee culture within Madlen. It was a exciting journey and a pleasure to train you all!

Congratulations: Timur Rahmankulov, Natalya Filimonova, Valeriya Laptinova, Danil Egorov.

(KZ) Argento 26-10-2011

The start of a new great adventure teaching coffee at the styleful Argento wine bar / restaurant. A truly was great experience in the perfect environment. The Faema E61 … need one too within my collection! Thanks Yevgeny for trusting and inviting us.

Congratulations: Adilzhan Aituganov, Mihail-Skripnikov, Yevgeniy Kim