Saniya Zhussupova

Position: Junior Barista & Coffee Afficionado

Photography: Dias Nurmagambetov

Saniya joined the Bowler team at the beginning of 2019. After finishing the professional barista course at the Barista-Academy successfuly we had the opportunity to hire and further develop this new coffee talent.

Saniya finished the Kookmin University in Seoul (South Korea) succesfully and is, next to her Barista activities, a professional Korean translator mastering multiple languages such as Kazakh, Korean, Russian and English fluently. She is professional, disciplined, systematical and highly critical about her personal performance wanting to serve at the best of her ability.

She is growing rapidly as a Barista and we confident she has the potential to play an important role in the further development of Bowler Coffee Roasters.

We are proud to have her on board!

Her favorite coffee: Caffè Olandese
Her favorite bean: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1