Professional Coffee & Barista Education

Allow us to introduce our brand new service providing Professional Barista Trainings. Barista is the official name for the person who is dedicated to prepare and serve a wide variety of high level coffee beverages. Having such a professional in your team will increase your business value, in terms of quality, service and presentation. Stay ahead of competition and be open for improvement, allow your staff to be more valuable employees by offering them an official Barista training by the “Barista Acacademy”.

The Barista Academy offers off and on-site barista training in a real time hotel restaurant bar environment.

Our training provides a deeper understanding on coffee starting at the history of coffee. This essential knowledge will improve the work spirit, boost their self-confidence and builds a genuine interest to perform by each individual employee attending. Your staff will have the opportunity to show his/her commitment and dedication by becoming an official Barista. Barista is not a name but a title which includes serious responsibilities. Once finished successfully their new identity, being a Barista, will directly display its results once dealing with customers.

Our Professional Coffee & Barista Training

  DAY I (4 hours)  
Presentation: The Basics  
  This presentation covers the process from coffee plant till retail coffee beans.  
Activity: Cupping Experience  
  This program allows employees to discover the differences between 4 coffee types/brands by tasting several brands and from different parts of the world. (price excl. special requested material).  
Coffee Roasting  
  During the cupping session we have time to roast coffee, a unique experience for all participants to witness a fresh coffee roast.  
  DAY II (4 hours)  
Presentation: Barista Training  
  This presentation covers the process of using espresso equipment and preparing a basic range of coffee beverages.  
Activity: Barista Training  
  This program is connected to the Barista Training and will teach employees to prepare all basic coffee beverages correctly. All according to standards within the Specialty Coffee Industry.  
  DAY III (4 hours)  
Activity: Brewing Espresso  
  At this stage you will learn how to brew espresso and know all the details about it.  
Activity: Steaming milk  
  Steaming milk is one of the most difficult stage in making coffee drinks, we will be teaching you how to steam milk properly.  
  DAY IV (4 hours)  
Equipment Maintenance & Adjusting  
  Every day all equipment should be checked, adjusted and cleaned regularly throughout the day.  
Extended individual Barista Training  
  This will provide the necessary one on one training to assure all participants havethe right fundament to become a professional barista.  
DAY V (4 hours)
Examination process, both theory and practice, will take about 30 minutes per participant. day.
Certification will take place and all graduated Baristas will receive their personal Barista-Academy  Certificate
  All trainings are on full prepayment base and exclude the cost of special requested training material (for example: the use of very exclusive coffees during cupping).  
  This program can have a maximum of 5 participants  
  5 days prof. Coffee & Barista Course 65.000 KZT per participant.  

Once accomplishing the training successfully all participants will have to follow an exam which includes both theory and practice. Once accomplished each individual participant will be rewarded with an official Barista certificate and a Barista Academy badge which will display his/her accomplishment publicly.
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We look forward hearing from you and will be pleased to upgrade your staff!


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