Bowler Communication

Artistic Marketing Services

Bowler Communication Marketing Services:

Artistic and intellectual revolutions were often brewed in coffee houses since the 17th century in Europe. Following this great pattern of action, Mathijs Olij and Alexis Shomar-Strelitz (a French Contemporary artist) decided to join forces and pursue this beautiful tradition by creating a small sub division of Bowler Coffee Roasters called Bowler Communication. This structure already has many realizations on its account:

Major interior decoration:

  • Casino (Alma-City Kapchegai)
  • Bar (Robusto)
  • Restaurants like “Abai” (Koktobe), Craft, Ugli,Salvador.
  • Cafe like La Tartine
  • Tumi / Argymaq
  • Brooklyn Pizza
  • Saqal Barber Shop

Major Art projects for:

  • KazDuCo/Falcon
  • Caspian Offshore Company
  • Katko/Areva

Bowler Communication Cultural Education:

Since 2016, Bowler Communication has developed a new awareness for culture by giving frequent lectures about the life of great Dutch painters. These conferences are definitely different from the mainstream and have managed to gather a large group of intellectuals fascinated by culture, development and art.

Regular intensive master classes on painting/drawing using contemporary interactive methods are given regularly. Little ones are also not forgotten and they can enjoy drawing master classes on Bowlers terrace during summer times.