professional “Oranje” Dutch Bakery

“Oranje” Traditional Dutch Bakery was founded in 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The name “Oranje” refers to our great 16th century liberator and cookie lover “Willem van Oranje” it was him who released us from 2-century occupation. The founder of The Netherlands!

Together with our team at “Oranje” we specialize in guarding the Dutch cookie/baking heritage, baking mainly traditional authentic Dutch delights without/limiting the use of artificial flavoring or/and coloring.

The motivation to start baking was actually a more personal wish, as a Dutchmen living in Almaty, facing a coffee without a tasty, high quality cookie every single morning, made me feel somehow incomplete.

In The Netherlands, having a coffee without a cookie is fairly uncommon, not welcoming and not desired. A Dutch cookie is humble in size, provided in limited quantity, not overwhelming beautiful, but gorgeous rich in taste. It is a clear reflection of our Dutch culture and philosophy in many ways.

This is how “Oranje” was born, 8000km from home.

We hope you enjoy our craft as much as we do!

“Eet smakelijk”