Alexis Shomar-Strelitz

Position: Former Creative advisor at Bowler Coffee Roasters

Photography: Dias Nurmagambetov

Alexis Shomar-Strelitz was born in Paris 1963, district 92, from a noble Parisian family, with the gift of being an artist, but having the great ability to perceive the world in a more widely accepted perspective. An acknowledged painter, writer, expert in design and artistic advertisement gaining knowledge and experience by traveling the world. To proceed his goal of self-development he attended The Palazzo Spinelli Art School (Florence, Italy) from 1985 till 1988 providing him solid and profound artistic & humanistic education.

Mastering painting techniques from world’s most known painters allowed him to accept the most difficult artistic tasks and challenges.

Attending Victoria & Albert Museum at the age of 25 his talent and unlimited passion for art & designwas discovered, allowing him the unique opportunity to attend professional education at the famous auction house “Christie’s” in London. Due to his Russian origins he was asked to become part of Russian Artist Community (Russian Political Refugees) “Art Squat at 14 Rue Juliette Dodu” under the wings of famous artists like, Yuri Zharkikh, Alexei Khvostenko, Yuriy Shemyakin and Oskar Yakovlevich Rabin where he managed to absorb a deeper meaning and vision of Art.

Having established a solid educational track record gave him the confidence to move further, towards New York, a metropolis, a city without limits, a city where people fail and succeed and one which provides no space to sit back. New York sets the bar high, a highly competitive city, an environment that taught him toapply efficiency, speed while delivering excellence at all time. Soon his capabilities were noticed by leading creative & design companies allowing him a successful career path at both “Fresco Decorative Arts” and “Evergreene Architectural Arts”. Among the significant projects realized were the: Dallas Art Fair Museum & Rockefeller Center.

Unfortunately Alexis Shomar-Strelitz is not among us anymore, he passed away 10-02-2021 in Ile d’Yue, France.

With a great sense of warmth we look back at the beautiful moments we shared developing Bowler Coffee Roasters and many other projects.