Professional Latte-Art Education

Allow us to introduce our brand new training module: Professional Latte-Art trainings. Latte-Art is the official name for the creative drawings made on a variety of coffee drinks by experienced Baristas. Having such a professional in your team will increase your business value and presentation. Stay ahead of competition and be open for improvement, allow your experienced Barista to increase his/her coffee pouring skills by offering them a specialized Latte-Art training by the “Barista Academy”.

The Barista Academy offers off and on-site barista training in a real time hotel restaurant bar environment.

Our training provides a deeper understanding of Latte-Art. This essential knowledge will improve the work spirit, boost their self-confidence and builds a genuine interest to perform by each individual employee attending. Your staff will have the opportunity to show his/her commitment and dedication by becoming a Latte-Art specialist.

Latte-Art training for advanced Barista

  DAY I (4 hours)  
About Latte-Art  
  At this stage, we will tell you about Latte-Art and the benefits of Latte-Art.  
The Basics: Latte-Art  
  You will learn the basics of Latte-Art from Espresso Machine to the necessary tools for Latte-Art.  
  DAY II (4 hours)  
□   Technique 1: Stencilling  
  The stencil is not really considered Latte-Art, but it is a good way to decorate a coffee drink when resources and technique are limited.  
Technique 2: Etching  
  Learn about engraving and learn how to draw a snail, a grid and hibiscus.  
  DAY III (4 hours)  
  □ Technique 3: Free-Pouring  
  At this stage you will learn about the free strait, the physics of the strait, the trick with contrast, symmetry, coordination, etc. This is one of the most difficult techniques and it requires a lot of practice.  
Free-Pouring: Single-Pour Heart    
  Practice drawing Heart.  
  DAY IV (4 hours)  
  □ Free-Pouring: Single-Pour Rosetta  
  Practice drawing Rosette.  
Free-Pouring: Multi-Pour Tulip  
  Practice drawing Tulip.  
Technique 4: Mixed Latte-Art  
  At this stage, you will learn about the mixed Latte Art as well as the practice ofdrawing the Bear and Butterfly pattern.  
DAY V (4 hours)
Examination process, both theory and practice, will take about 30 minutes perparticipant.
Certification will take place and all graduated Baristas will receive their personalBarista-Academy  Certificate
  This program can have a maximum of 5 participants  
  5 days prof. Coffee & Barista Course 65.000 KZT per participant.  

Once accomplishing the training successfully all participants will have to follow an exam which includes both theory and practice. Once accomplished each individual participant will be rewarded with an official Barista certificate and a Barista Academy badge which will display his/her accomplishment publicly.
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We look forward hearing from you and will be pleased to upgrade your staff!


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