No Americano’s

As the story goes, the caffe Americano was invented by the Italian Baristi who served American soldiers during WWII, soldiers who felt the desperate need for an American style filtered coffee. As filtered coffee is an uncommon brewing method in Italy and Espresso is just a bit too much to handle, the Italians decided to dillute the espresso with a fair amount of water, the “Caffe Americano” was born. A 150ml of black coffee with a limited or no crema (gold/brown/nutty layer) on top.

These refined young American guests we have at Bowler are of a complete different cut exploring our newly released Bowler menu as never before, without fear and hesitation instead full determination. I guess a casual Americano will not do it for them anymore.

While studying Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Russian language they kinda tried it all, to such an extend we felt short on coffee varieties within our menu ))))

Thank you guys for visiting us and the great talks we have about culture, food and drinks. Bright spirits!

PS: The Mexican food thing still haunts me, also the comment that adding regular corn to mexican food is more or less not done.

Photo above: Mason & Eddie enjoying a Sumatra Crowned Garuda Arabica brewed on an “American Press” brewing device.

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